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  • ESP8266 POSTing sensor data to Splunk HEC (05 Aug 2018)

    One Day Builds: Use an ESP8266 to collect sensor data and transmit these to Splunk!
    I recently acquired a DHT22 temperature and humidity sensor and though to myself “gee, it would be awfully nice if I could collect time series data of this sensor”.

  • Master Netflow Lab (27 Jun 2018)

    For the matter of my masters’ thesis I am in need of a well defined lab environment that is capabale of simulating traffic as well as running on test data.
    This is how I built it.

  • Lab Overview (12 Jun 2018)

    As I am building a different approach to IDS from the bottom, I am in need of a proper lab setup.
    This post outlines a high level overview to nuture a basic understanding of future architecture decisions.

  • Splunk and Netflows (27 May 2018)

    So, you want to do your large scale intrusion detection on netflows - but how do you get them in a datasink?
    Let me tell you about Splunk Stream, the TA that saved my prolonged back in the setup phase.