Tag: ml

  • Benchmark Basics (23 Dec 2018)

    Now that we have this fancy lab, a benchmark is needed for qualitative evaluation of different algorithms and products.
    For this, I’ve built a Python 3-based framework for ease of use.

  • Datasets (23 Dec 2018)

    There are various well known and well used datasets that are used in academia.
    Let’s have a look at some of them and their properties. For the final version of my testbench I am using NSL-KDD as well as CICIDS2017.

  • Master Netflow Lab (27 Jun 2018)

    For the matter of my masters’ thesis I am in need of a well defined lab environment that is capabale of simulating traffic as well as running on test data.
    This is how I built it.

  • Lab Overview (12 Jun 2018)

    As I am building a different approach to IDS from the bottom, I am in need of a proper lab setup.
    This post outlines a high level overview to nuture a basic understanding of future architecture decisions.

  • Splunk and Netflows (27 May 2018)

    So, you want to do your large scale intrusion detection on netflows - but how do you get them in a datasink?
    Let me tell you about Splunk Stream, the TA that saved my prolonged back in the setup phase.

  • Machine Learning Basics (14 May 2018)

    Until now, we have successfully defined what an Intrusion Detection System is and how it can be categorized.
    Now I have to say, I am a really lazy person, as many Computer Science people are.
    I like to leave the heavy lifting and processing to machines that are really good and efficient at this task.
    That’s where Machine Learning comes into play.